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Security means protecting company’s critical data from unauthorized access and use, and to ensure that Compliance and standards are met as per the company policy. SAP HANA enables customer to implement different security policies and procedures and to meet compliance requirements of the company.

SAP HANA supports multiple databases in a single HANA system and this is known as multitenant database containers. HANA system can also contain more than one multitenant database containers. A multiple container system always has exactly one system database and any number of multitenant database containers. AN SAP HANA system that is installed in this environment is identified by a single system ID (SID). Database containers in HANA system are identified by a SID and database name. SAP HANA client, known as HANA studio, connects to specific databases.

SAP HANA provides all security related features such as Authentication, Authorization, Encryption and Auditing, and some add on features, which are not supported in other multitenant databases.

Below given is a list of security related features, provided by SAP HANA −

  • User and Role Management
  • Authentication and SSO
  • Authorization
  • Encryption of data communication in Network
  • Encryption of data in Persistence Layer

Additional Features in multitenant HANA database −

  • Database Isolation − It involves preventing cross tenant attacks through operating system mechanism
  • Configuration Change blacklist − It involves preventing certain system properties from being changed by tenant database administrators
  • Restricted Features − It involves disabling certain database features that provides direct access to file system, the network or other resources.